Selling prime lands and plots in lamu port area the largest upcoming port on the eastern coast of Africa.

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Lamu Port properties is a land and property sales and acquisition company  based on the Northern Coast of Kenya at  Malindi  with an office in Malindi and Hindi. We have prime land for sale in the area around the port at a 20 Km radius. We have similar land at an intended Resort city in the same area and Beach plots in Lamu. All the Lands we deal with are all with legal documents,  except where otherwise indicated in this website".

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Plots and Land available to sell in Lamu. Rates vary with proximity to the Road, Beach and intended Resort City. Over 100 parcels of land available to sell have acreage and the prices. This prices could change depending on the dollar, land market and demand. Commercial and business lands vary close to Lamu port will fetch even higher prices even over Ksh 2,000,000

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Lamu Port
Kenya is building the largest free port area on the eastern coast of Africa at Lamu. This port will serve not only the nation of Kenya, but the nations of Ethiopia, Southern Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, east coast of the Democratic Republic of Congo and a few other nations within central Africa and to which this will be a conventional port. A railway, road and oil pipeline networks connecting these nations is part of this project. About 30 kms from the port will be an international airport built to compete with any other. Next to the port will be built a resort city and the Government Administrative Headquarters for this county and area to serve these nations.This project has attracted international interest, potential & tangible investments and excitement.

Up until this project, this was an area that was ignored because of it's distance from Nairobi city, the capital of Kenya and Mombasa city and port known internationally for its tourism industry. As a result, there has been alot of un-utilized land which is now being availed to the very dynamic kenyan property market. The property prices are still very competitive and low. If one is looking for a pricey and very prospective and valuable investment for the future, this is the time to buy.

Better and improved national and international security has returned to the coastal part of Kenya and the "war" in Somalia is the best thing that has happened to open up this area and to make it safe. Lamu can now be considered the safest area in Africa and the world. Between the 24th & 27 th of November, as it happens every year, will be held the internationally acclaimed Lamu Cultural Festival which draws tourists the world over to Lamu.

There are parcels of lands and beach plots whose process of demarcation & title issuances is underway. While the Title issuance could be fast or take long, most people are buying them now in the state they are because prices are low comparatively.
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